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Want More Money? Start Couponing Now

It can feel like taking care of your family and saving money are contradictory goals, but that is only the case if you do not plan things out. You have to be savvy in order to push through common financial pitfalls and create a steady savings. One way you can do this is by taking up couponing.

5 Tips to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

It may only be July, but it is already time to start thinking about the second largest shopping season of the year, back to school shopping. Especially with the Rochester Public School calendar starting a week earlier this year (which my 13 year old is not happy about I will add). This time of year, with new clothes to buy, supply lists that get longer every year, and lunch accounts to replenish, it can get expensive for families fast!

MN Children's Museum of Rochester & First Alliance Credit Union Announce a Free Play for Everyone Day

Rochester, Minn. (April 03, 2018) – The Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester invites all community members to celebrate the Science of Saving with First Alliance Credit Union at the Minnesota Children's Museum Rochester on April 7th, 2018 from 9:00am to 5:00pm!

Helping Your Kids Deal With a Financial Crisis

Even with unemployment and national debt at all-time highs, it's still shocking when your family faces a job loss or other financial setback. Most of us experience the emotional impact of money at some point in our lives. And, when adults are hit with a financial crisis, our children are impacted whether we realize it or not.

5 Ways to Teach Kids Good Money Habits

Helping children learn to spend, save or even share the money they receive as a gift or allowance can be a challenging task. At their young age, it's all the more difficult for them to master concepts some adults still struggle to understand. That doesn't mean it's impossible to teach them some fundamental ideas that will help them as they grow.

Money Management Tips for New Parents

Without a doubt, becoming a parent is an exciting event in your life, whether it's your first child or your fouth. It’s a phase where you are happy and nervous at the same time about how the future will unfold. You might have been preparing for this event for a long time (or not!), but when you actually experience it things sometimes seem uncontrollable and stressful.

6 Tips for Teaching Children About Finances

Finances for children? YES! Teaching your kids about money is an important part of parenting. Often times people graduate from high school, and even college, with little to no concept of how to save money, make investments, or manage their taxes. 

Things to Consider Before Starting an Allowance for Children

At some point in their lives, most parents find themselves wondering how much money they should give to their child for an allowance.