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All For One.

First Alliance Credit Union took us from bankruptcy to financial success. They never once turned their backs on us.


Member Since 2006
Sarah - Video
First Alliance has helped me so much with my finances. I applied for a consolidation loan to help fix my credit and was approved instantly. I had tried almost four other places for a loan including my own bank and was denied. Thanks to you guys I am on the right path to fixing my credit. Since then my credit score has improved so much we were finally able to purchase our very first Harley motorcycle. In the future, my big plan is to buy a home because we are currently living in a 2 bedroom home with four children. I am working extra hard and I will refer everyone to First Alliance. Since I first stepped foot in there, I have felt so welcomed every time. Thank you First Alliance.

Meagan V.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Meagan V.
I have had nothing but great experiences with First Alliance! I have been using First Alliance ever since I got my first debit card in middle school. They made it easy for me to manage my checking account at a young age. Fast forward to now, I started my first full-time role after graduating college. I was concerned about budgeting and how I was going to manage my bank accounts. Kim contacted me regarding the questions I submitted and spent time with me making sure I understood everything. She sent me over a budget sheet and went through all of my banking options to make sure I was saving money the right away. This meant a lot since I had no experience with managing payments and accounts. What keeps me coming back is the feeling that you are cared about. By using First Alliance, they want what is best for YOU. This has been shown through customer service, interest rates, and the small amenities of entering Facebook giveaways or submitting a photo of your dog to win a gift card. By banking with First Alliance, I feel confident in all of my financial decisions which is something you can't put a price on. Thank you!

Katie B.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Katie B
My parents first opened a First Alliance account for me when I was just a kid. I remember how proud I was when I could deposit my weekly allowance that I earned from doing Saturday chores around the house and as I was able to watch my bank account slowly grow. In high school, I started adding a little bit more to my account as I babysat to save for college. Right before leaving for college, First Alliance gave me one of the greatest gifts I could ask for from a credit union: a scholarship to help me get on my feet as I started the next phase of my life.  I was accepted into medical school immediately after undergraduate and am now in my second year at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Even though I currently live in the cities for school, I still trust First Alliance with my finances. They are a friendly credit union that I know I can trust as I navigate my way through different phases of life. They were there when I opened up my first account and deposited my first $5 allowance, when I got my first job, when I got into college, when I got my first credit card, and when I got into medical school. Not only have they stuck by me through my journey, but they even supported me with a scholarship that has helped me get to where I am now.

Kate G.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Kate G
FA Member - Susan - Video

First Alliance actually worked with me to figure out a plan for my finances and for my future. 


Member Since 2001
I've been banking with First Alliance since 1992, when I was less than a year old. My dad worked as a custodian there (SE location) for a little while before working there for many years in automobile finances. He passed away unexpectedly in 2001, but my family and I continued banking with First Alliance. First Alliance has not only helped me learn how to budget and save through the years, it has kept me connected to the place my dad invested much of his time as an employee while he was alive.

Anna H.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Anna H
I am a young professional who went to Mayo High School in Rochester. First Alliance was my first (and only) bank ever! I knew a credit union would be more trustworthy than one of the major banks, and so far it has been! As I've moved to college in Missouri and then Birmingham ...and now St. Louis... I have only ever needed First Alliance because of their amazing services. The app has been amazing to check my balance easily and deposit checks from states away! And for no extra fee like the major banks charge for mobile deposit! I am grateful to have found a bank at 15 years old that has followed me everywhere I go.

Katie H.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Katie H
Back in late 2012, I had a bad motorcycle accident. About a year after that I had back surgery that was related to the accident. The surgery put me out of work for 8 months. Because I couldn't work, I fell behind on my bills and had huge medical bills. I ended up watching my great credit turn to dust and had to file bankruptcy. I couldn't find any lender willing to work with me, and my old bank of many years turned their back on me. I came into First Alliance feeling about an inch tall and asked for a car loan and low and behold after telling them the circumstances of my situation they gave me hope and a chance. My credit is back up there again and I feel the loyalty they give their customers and First Alliance now has my gratitude and loyalty! Thank you First Alliance.

Russell G.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Russell G

With First Alliance, your family matters, and we mattered to First Alliance. That doesn't happen everywhere.


Member Since 2015
Courtney - Video
I’ve banked with First Alliance for over a year now. They have helped me to better my credit score, helped me purchase a dream vehicle I never thought was even possible, and made me feel like a person – not a number. I’m so glad I made the switch to First Alliance and all the tools that they have given me to be successful in my financial goals!

Heather S.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Heather S
I'm a 19-year-old college student and without the flexibility that First Alliance provides, I wouldn't have been able to go on my 2-week road trip over last summer! What a wonderful opportunity they allowed me to have!

Mitchell S.

First Alliance Credit Union Reviews | Mitchell S
First Alliance was where I opened my first savings account, my first CD, and my first checking account. They have been so helpful over the years! Because of them, I have been able to save money to help pay for my college tuition. I look forward to continuing banking with First Alliance, and their helpful employees!

Tara K.

First Alliance Credit Union | Tara K

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