Keeping Your Holiday Spending in Check

The holiday season brings festive parties, family get-togethers and giving of gifts. Exchanging gifts is a wonderful thing to do, but it can also put a strain on your budget. Gift-giving is a major cause of overspending during the holiday season.

Lessons Learned From Harvey and Irma

Both Category 4 hurricanes, Harvey and Irma struck the United States within a two-week period in 2017, causing widespread devastation. According to CNBC, Hurricane Harvey dropped a mind-boggling 19 trillion gallons of rain, triggering unprecedented flooding. The combined destruction from the hurricanes was estimated at $150 billion to $200 billion (WaPo). The news reports made everyone in the country mindful of the destruction of unrestrained water. 

How to Save Money on Groceries

No matter what size your family is, groceries are a big part of your monthly expenses – you have to eat after all. Sometimes, when you go grocery shopping it can feel like you have no control over the final cost, making saving money on groceries difficult. To help you gain control over your grocery bill we have put together a few steps for how to save money on groceries.

What Does Preapproved Mean And Is It Important?

We have all seen it before in big bold letters on an envelope in your mailbox, “You’re Preapproved!” It’s usually for a credit card you didn’t ask for. But what does “preapproved” mean exactly, and did you know you can also be preapproved for car loans and mortgages too? Here we explain the basics of what it means to be preapproved for a loan and the benefits of a getting a preapproval.

How Fast Does Your Credit Score Change?

Often, we are asked "how quickly does your credit score change?" This especially comes up when you're working on improving your score after past credit issues or simply because you are new to building credit.  Credit scores don't change overnight, but they do change. Here are some important things to know about credit scores:

What It Takes to Get a Credit Score

If you do not have a credit score, building one is pretty easy.   We often get asked what it takes to get a credit score. To start bulding a credit score, you need three things: One trade line + 6 months payment history + activity in the last 6 months.

5 Ways to Save on Energy Bills During the Winter

While there are many reasons people seek to be more energy efficient, most people do it to save money. If your energy bills increase during the winter, you may want to consider using these five ways to save on energy bills, before winter is here. 

55th Street NW Branch Closing

In January 2014 we opened our 3900 Fairway Place NW Rochester branch, which we often refer to as our 55th Street NW location. Member traffic at this branch started out very strong, however the major road construction project in the area has significantly decreased easy access to our NW branch. Due to this change in access member activity has declined, and we anticipate continued declines at this location due to the roadway changes. Therefore, because of the decline in traffic and activity, the credit union will be permanently closing the 55th Street NW branch location on December 29, 2017. 

Seven Quick Savings Tips to Help You Start Saving

Everyone knows they need to save money, the struggle is what's a good way to start saving? It really comes down to your preferences and lifestyle, but to give you a few ideas we have rounded up seven quick savings tips that will help you start saving money and manage your finances.  

What is GREAT?

We don't normally talk politics with our members, but this is a special opportunity for our members to advocate for, and with, First Alliance Credit Union to ensure all legislators and regulators across the political spectrum hear from credit unions and their members about the issues that directly impact us, as a credit union family.  Become a credit union advocate through GREAT!