What is a Credit Union Annual Meeting?

If you are a member of a credit union, each year you receive an invitation to the Annual Meeting. But you've probably never attended it. Maybe its the name that makes it sounds too boring? But when you understand what is so special about a credit union's Annual Meeting, you'll realize they aren't boring at all!

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving Money

Who wants to think about saving money when you have the newest season of Stranger Things to binge watch on Netflix? Saving money is hard; there is no doubt about it! It takes a lot of patience and self-control to actually save money, but there are easy ways to save money without putting much effort or thought into it.

How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

Many people carry revolving debt with their credit cards. Reducing debt can help one’s chances to be considered eligible for loans. The drawbacks associated with credit card debt require taking this issue seriously and adopting effective measures to pay off debt. Here are a few strategies to significantly reduce and even eliminate credit card debt.

How to Start Saving Money to Buy a House

The process of buying a home should start long before you start house hunting. The first step in buying a house is actually to start saving for a down payment. Which can seem like a pretty overwhelming task, as it will take time and patience to accomplish. To make the process a little less stressful we have put together the basics on how to start saving for a down payment for buying a house.

How to Determine If Debt Consolidation Is Right For You

Recently, we've been offering our members, and those looking for information about debt consolidation, the opportunity to download a debt consolidation calculator. But first, we wanted to make sure that everyone understands how to use the calculator, and what the results mean. Here is your step by step guide to understanding if debt consolidation is a good option for you by using the free debt consolidation calculator.

5 Ways to Teach Kids Good Money Habits

Helping children learn to spend, save or even share the money they receive as a gift or allowance can be a challenging task. At their young age, it's all the more difficult for them to master concepts some adults still struggle to understand. That doesn't mean it's impossible to teach them some fundamental ideas that will help them as they grow.

Facebook Live Recap: Debt Consolidation Q&A

People are always looking for a way to relieve the burdens of their debt. One excellent option to consider, to help ease the stress of having multiple credit cards or loans, is a debt consolidation loan.

A Closer Look: 15 Year vs. 30 Year Mortgages

Mortgage packages that are available these days are diverse and designed to facilitate all kinds of circumstances. A person can easily feel overwhelmed because of the number of options available. Choosing between a 15-year versus a 30 year mortgage plan is one such situation. 

First Alliance Credit Union Membership Benefits Highlight: Green Path

At  First Alliance our mission is to place our members' needs first by providing compassion, guidance, and resources to promote their financial well-being. Over the years, we've helped literally thousands of members improve their financial well-being.

Ways to Create Healthy Financial Habits

It can be tough to stick to healthy financial habits, especially the ones that relate to long-term goals. The great news is that we can make some relatively small changes that "nudge" us along in the direction of financial wellness.