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Online & Mobile Banking

Online Banking

Gain access to your First Alliance Credit Union accounts and loans all day, every day with free Online Banking. Keep scrolling to learn more about some of our favorite features or watch the tutorial video to learn more! You can even enroll by downloading our Mobile Banking app! 

Our favorite features include:

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Mobile Banking

The First Alliance Credit Union Mobile Banking app offers you financial security, control, and convenience on your mobile device for free! You can manage your finances anywhere, anytime. 

Our favorite features include:

  • Your Free Credit Score
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Instant Balance
  • Touch ID Login
  • Transfer Money
  • Review Accounts
  • Pay Bills and People

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Some Of Our Favorite Features

Interactive Video Player

Free Credit Score Tool

Do you know your credit score? Online and Mobile Banking now give you instant access to your free credit score anytime, anywhere. Know your score, and work to improve it easily using our free Online Banking or Mobile App. 

This free Online and Mobile Banking feature includes:

  • Your TransUnion credit score
  • Explanations of how your credit score is calculated
  • Clear, concise tips for improving weak areas in your credit score
  • Pre-qualified offers and savings opportunities
  • Access to educational tools
  • Credit report monitoring and alerts

Download our free mobile banking app or login to online banking to begin monitoring your credit score and take control of your financial future today. 


Bill Pay

Set up all of your bills as one-time or recurring payments. Imagine, never writing checks or buying stamps again! To get started with this FREE service, log on to Online Banking and click on the "Bill Pay" tab.


Online Banking | First Alliance Credit Union


View your monthly account statement online at any time from within Online Banking! More secure than having them mailed and you receive them days sooner! eStatements can be printed when needed and they are automatically saved for 18 months! This service is free when you are enrolled in Online Banking

Email Notifications and Alerts

Register to receive alerts when certain activities occur on your account. For instance, we'll send you an email when a deposit has come in or when a check has cleared and more. Log on to Online Banking to get started.