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Is There More Than One Way to Consolidate Debt: Podcast Episode 8

Jenna Taubel

Jenna Taubel About The Author

Sep 14, 2019 10:45:00 AM

In this Good Money Moves podcast episode we cover the different types of debt consolidation loan options, including secured vs unsecured loans and fixed payments vs revolving credit options to gain control over your debt.

Good Money Moves is a local Rochester, MN podcast produced through a partnership between First Alliance Credit Union and News Talk 1340 KROC AM & 96.9 FM. Each Good Money Moves podcast episode is packed full of the financial information you need know to be able to make good money moves through every stage of life. 

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Good Money Moves Podcast Episode Details:

Episode Number: 8

Topic: What are your loan options for consolidating your debt?

The Hosts: Andy Brownell from KROC AM and Jenna Taubel from First Alliance Credit Union

Topic expert: Troy Brenhaug, Consumer Lending Manager at First Alliance Credit Union

Episode Length: 26:14 minutes

In Episode 8 of the Good Money Moves Podcast

In this episode of the Good Money Moves podcast we provide a quick overview of what is debt consolidation and discuss the variety of options for using this debt management strategy. Troy and Jenna discuss the most common loan options people use, like unsecured personal loans, along with alternative solutions for consolidating your debt, like secured loans that use collateral. We also discuss the most important things to consider when thinking about using debt consolidation to pay off your debts.

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