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The Power of Compounding Interest

Lisett Comai-Legrand

Lisett Comai-Legrand About The Author

Aug 8, 2017 6:59:00 AM

What is compounding interest? Compound interest is interest calculated on principle and on previous years’ interest. To explain the power of compound interest a little better, let’s look at the following example:

Assume an initial investment of $1,000 that earns a 10% annual interest. Over the first three years, the amount of interest earned is calculated as follows:

Year 1: $1,000 x 10% = $100

Year 2: $1,100 x 10% = $110

Year 3: $1,210 x 10% = $121

The total savings after three years is $1,331 which is equal to the initial investment of $1,000 and the total of all the interest ($100 + $110 + $121 = $331). The $331 is the compounded interest.

The Rule of 72
Rule of 72 | Compounding Interest

The Rule of 72 is a simple formula that estimates how long it will take to double your initial investment. Divide 72 by the interest rate that your savings account offers. The result is the number of years in which your savings will double. If you have a 4% interest rate, 72 divided by 4 equals 18. So, for this example of a 4% interest rate, your savings will double in 18 years. The longer you save, the more interest compounds over time. It is better to start investing now so you can reap the benefits later.

Why Compound Interest Is Important

The secret of future financial success is to start saving as soon as possible. Even a small amount of money can generate wealth over time when compounding interest is involved. You might think compound interest doesn’t benefit you much, but when you consider a long-term investment even lower interest rates can significantly grow your investment over time.

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Start saving as early as possible, preferably in your 20’s, to enjoy the benefits later on in life. Remember that it is never too late to start saving, but the sooner you start the longer you will have for your money to grow.


Compounding interest provides growth of an initial investment over time. This article explains what compound interest is and how it can help you increase wealth. It is important to start investing early in life for long-term investments like retirement.

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