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Is Saving Money Good For Your Brain?

We all know we need to save more money, but did you know that saving money actually has positive psychological effects? For instance, having money saved in an account is linked to higher levels of happiness. Saving money can actually lower your stress level and has the power to change your outlook on life from a negative to a positive.

Three Tips for Sticking to Your Budget During Financial Planning Month

October is Financial Planning Month, and with the new year right around the corner, now is a great time to make sure you are on track to meet your short and long term financial goals. Here are three tips to keep your spending in check and finish the year out strong:

5 Ways Rich People View Money Differently

One of the great pieces of American mythology is that the rich somehow have some special ability that the rest of us don't have. Are they smarter than we are? Are they more clever, or do they just have unbelievable luck?

How Much to Save for Retirement

Saving and investing for retirement doesn't have to be complicated. There are plenty of reputable financial advisors out there to assist you along the way. The key is to determine how much to save for retirement based on what you'll realistically need, and then develop a plan to achieve your goal.

10 Quick and Easy Tips for Saving Money

Sometimes we all just want to be able to wave a magic wand and make our wallets fuller and lives easier. Unfortunately, magic isn't real so that’s never going to happen. Sigh. Instead, here are some quick tips on saving money that are easy to follow and totally do-able!

Why Bother with a Savings Account?

The most basic step you can take when starting to save money is opening a savings account. Sometimes, though, this can seem like an unnecessary hassle. 

How to Save Money by Being Neighborly

When most people talk about saving money, they usually talk about things like clipping coupons, buying in bulk or cutting back on shopping sprees. These are all solid ideas, but very few people talk about another way to save money—by being a good neighbor.

15 Money Hacks to Make Managing Money Easier

Sometimes we just need our finances to be easy! Here are fifteen ways to hack your finances to make managing them less stressful. Try one or all of them to gain control over your money and your financial future.

What is a Roth IRA?

When you start saving for retirement, you’ll find that a number of investment accounts are set up to aid you in that regard. You’ll also find that one type of account financial experts recommend a lot is a Roth IRA. What is a Roth IRA, though? What advantages does it offers? Also, how many different kinds of IRAs are out there? 

10 Quick Tips for Better Money Management

We can all stand to be better at money management, but sometimes it can feel really overwhelming to tackle. The good news, you don’t have to make huge, sweeping changes to your life or habits to be better at managing your finances. Try some of these quick tips to help you gain control over your finances.