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How to Register Your Change of Address

Chris Gottschalk

Chris Gottschalk About The Author

Mar 9, 2021 5:15:00 AM

As you’re probably aware, there are a hundred things you need to take care of when you move. One of those items is changing your address, and it’s an item that always seems to get overlooked. That’s understandable, since tasks like packing up and cleaning your old house are more immediate.

However, changing your address is very important and should be an important item on your moving checklist. It doesn’t take much time, and the benefits far outweigh the effort you put in.Get Started

Why Registering Your Change of Address is Important

At this point, you may be wondering what is so special about changing your address. After all, we do live in a mostly paperless society. However, what many people don’t know is how important keeping your address current is for your finances.

We have moved | First Alliance Credit UnionFor instance, if you want to open an account with a financial institution or get a credit card, the law requires that the financial institution must verify your identity beforehand. One way they do this is by verifying your current and past addresses, so if you haven’t updated your address after you’ve moved, the financial institution won’t be able to verify your identity.

Registering your address will also help keep you safe from identity thieves. If you don’t update your address quickly, they can file a change of address first and reroute your mail to go to them. The thieves can then use that information to get more personal details about you to get credit cards in your name and even get your packages delivered to them.

How to Change Your Address

As you’re probably aware, the biggest challenge with changing your address is making sure you’ve notified everyone. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of everyone outside of your family and friends who you’ll need to contact about your change of address.

1) The Postal Service: If you live in Rochester, you can contact the Rochester post offices at one of their three branches:

You can also change your address remotely by visiting the official U.S. Postal Service website or by calling 1-800-USPS. It’s worth noting that the USPS will charge you $1.05 if you change your address by phone or by Internet, but not if you change your address in person.

2) The Department of Motor Vehicles: You can update your driver’s license at one of three Rochester locations:iStock-458261587

If you’ve moved from out of state, you’ll need to visit the DMV office in River Center. You’ll need your current driver’s license, and about $35 for the fee.

3) Voter Registration: While you’re getting your driver’s license updated at the Minnesota DMV, you should also make sure to get your voter’s registration updated as well. Most of the time, the people manning the DMV offices will ask if you want to register to vote while you’re updating your driver’s license, and if they don’t ask they’ll gladly help you get registered if you let them know.

4) Financial Institutions: All you need to do to change your address with a financial institution is call up their customer support line or just stop in at a local branch. If you are a First Alliance Credit Union member with an online banking account you can update your address quickly and easily in the settings tab.

5) Credit Cards: You can notify credit card companies about your change of address by calling the customer service line the same way you would a bank, but you should also be able to login to your account online or by making the change on the payment form you get in the mail.

6) Magazines: If you happen to get a monthly magazine, you can change your account information by visiting the magazine’s website. You should be able to get your address changed if you call their customer support line.

7) Insurance Providers: Insurance companies can take a while to process your change of address, so it’s best to alert them at least a week before you move. You have several different options to change your address with them, including calling the customer support line, using the company website or talking in person with an insurance agent.

8) Online Retailers: Finally, update your address with online retailers like Amazon, as well as any crowdfunding sites or subscription sites. While the postal service will forward your mail for up to 12 months after you change your address, you’ll want to change your address as soon as you move to avoid delays in getting any items you order. You can usually update your address on an online retailer’s website.

Make Your Move Successful With First Alliance Credit Union

Changing your address might not seem like an important part of moving at first glance. However, an updated address is critical if you want to set up a new checking or savings account. It also prevents identity thieves from getting a hold of your personal details.

If you want more help preparing for a move, be sure to check out the First Alliance Credit Union’s Moving Checklist and download our free fillable moving budget template below.

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