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3 Reasons to Make Sure First Alliance has Your Current Address

Chris Gottschalk

Chris Gottschalk About The Author

Apr 25, 2023 4:45:00 AM

Let’s be honest—when you’re moving, letting your credit union know your new address is probably not your highest priority. We understand. Moving is chaotic and stressful at the best of times, and with the rise of online banking platforms and mobile apps, letting your credit union know your new address can feel somewhat unnecessary.

The truth, however, is that you need to make sure your financial institutions, including First Alliance Credit Union, have your current address. This isn’t just so we know where you live. It also has three important benefits for you.

Why you need to make sure your credit union has your current address

Update your address at First Alliance

You can get Replacement Credit Cards

This is quite possibly the most important reason to make sure a credit union has your current address. If your credit card is ever lost or stolen, your credit union will mail you a new one, and if your address isn’t current it could be some time before you receive your new card.

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Keep up to Date With Credit Union Happenings

While you can keep up to date with First Alliance happenings by visiting our website, checking out our social media accounts or getting our emails, you shouldn’t discount the benefit of getting an envelope in your mailbox. You might discover an offer or event that’s only being offered at your local branch, or you might just get a reminder of a special offer that’s only available to First Alliance Credit Union members. You’ll also wan to make sure your address is current if you prefer to receive your monthly statements through the mail.

Save Money by Avoiding Fees

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your address is current because an outdated address can cost you money. Many credit unions and banks charge you a fee for each piece of mail that gets returned. In the case of First Alliance, the fee is $20, so the sooner you update your address, the more money you’ll save by avoiding fees.

Why update your current address

How to Change Your Address at First Alliance Credit Union

So now that you know the importance of keeping your address up to date, the big question is how do you update your address if you’re a First Alliance Credit Union member?

  • Use the Online Banking Platform: When you login to your online bank account, click on the “Settings” link in the upper right hand corner. Then expand the profile menu and click on the “Address” link. Keep in mind that you can’t change your address through your mobile app!
  • Give us a Call: You can also call us at (507) 288-0330. One of our member experience advisors will be happy to help you change your address.
  • Come in Person: Of course, you can always swing by one of our branches during business hours and ask one of our advisors to change your address in person. They’ll be happy to help you out, and if you visit our Commerce Drive branch you can even pick up some coffee, a sandwich or an Acai bowl while you’re there.

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Keep Up to Date at First Alliance Credit Union

It’s always worth making sure your credit union has your current address. In addition to keeping up with any credit union news, offers and events, you’ll also want to have your address current if you need a new credit card. You’ll also be able to avoid fees due to returned mail.

If you’re a First Alliance Credit Union member, take a few minutes and make sure your address is updated. The rewards far outweigh the effort, and you’ll have more peace of mind as well.

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