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Four Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Money

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, love is in the air! It's a time when people celebrate the special relationships in their lives by giving gifts or sentimental gestures to make their significant other feel loved and appreciated. But among all the romantic dinners, chocolates and roses, there's a very important relationship that often goes uncelebrated-your relationship with yourself.

KonMari Your Money. Do Your Finances Spark Joy?

The Netflix original series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has everyone (myself included) decluttering, reorganizing, and rethinking their belongings. The KonMari method can be been boiled down into a simple thought “Do the items you have spark joy?” Marie’s method includes how-to’s for tidying and organizing every area of your home. But can you use the KonMari method on your money?

The Pitfalls of Pay Day Lending

In a financial emergency a Pay Day loan may seem like a lifesaver, especially if you have poor credit, have no savings, or think a traditional loan is somehow out of your reach. Pay Day loans also seem more accessible, since you can find a Pay Day lender in a storefront or pawn shop. You can even find them online.

Five Financial New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

Everyone knows that January 1 is a time for making New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone also knows most people give up on their Resolutions by January 2, although some strong-willed individuals may actually last until January 3.

How To Go Christmas Shopping Without Going Bankrupt

As you may have heard from Alvin and the Chipmunks, Christmas, Christmas, time is here. Time for toys and time for cheer. The only problem is that in addition to toys and cheer, Christmas is also time for office holiday party gifts, groceries for Christmas dinner, new Christmas outfits, and traveling expenses.

The Financial Lessons of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

One of the most famous Christmas stories of all time has to be Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” Ever since Dickens published the book in 1843, audiences have thrilled to the telling of Ebenezer Scrooge’s redemption at the hands of four ghosts. Despite the countless adaptations, reexaminations and parodies that flood the airwaves during the Christmas season, it never seems to grow old.

10 Best Tips for Staying on Budget When Buying Gifts

Giving the perfect birthday or Christmas gift to someone you care about always make you feel good inside. No matter how much you care for someone your giving a gift to it's important to stay on budget. These ten tips offer ideas to keep your gift giving affordable and still be sentimental.

8 Tips to Save Money When Hosting Thanksgiving

Turkey day is almost here! It's a day to celebrate with friends, family, and of course food. However, if you have the honor of hosting Thanksgiving dinner it can get expensive. To help you out, I have put together some quick tips to help you stay on budget when your hosting Thanksgiving this year.

Want More Money? Start Couponing Now

It can feel like taking care of your family and saving money are contradictory goals, but that is only the case if you do not plan things out. You have to be savvy in order to push through common financial pitfalls and create a steady savings. One way you can do this is by taking up couponing.

How to Make Saving Money a Priority

Savings can help you achieve any financial goal. Whether it's a comfortable retirement, a down payment for a house or a new car, you can get there by consistently setting money aside. And best of all, you can have what you want, without getting deep in debt. If you're like most people, you don't save as much as you'd like or you don't save at all.