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At First Alliance, we're committed to helping our youngest members build good savings habits! Start your young saver off on the right path when you open a Youth or Teen Account today!

Youth Accounts (0 to 12 years)

Our Youth Accounts are an excellent way to begin teaching your kids the importance of saving and money management.  We have several savings options to choose from below. If you're not sure which account to open for your child, just ask, we are here to help every step of the way!

Youth Share Savings Accounts - this is the basic savings account every youth member will need to get started on their savings journey

  • $5.00 minimum deposit to open and maintain account
  • Deposits can be made at any time
  • Up to 6 free withdrawals each month
  • Pays the same rates as our main share account

Youth Certificate of Deposit - this type of account is a great option for longer term savings goals for your young saver and can help them learn the power of compounding interest 

  • $100 minimum balance required 
  • Deposits may be made to the certificates at any time
  • Pays the same rates as our regular Certificates of Deposit
  • Flexible terms from 6 months to 60 months

Youth Money Markets - this savings option helps your young saver earn a little more interest, while still being able to access their money if needed

  • $500 minimum balance required
  • Pays the same rates as the first tier of our regular money market
  • Deposits can be made at any time
  • Up to 6 free withdrawals each month

Teen Accounts (13 to 17 years)

Once your little saver becomes a teenager, it's time to start helping them manage their money in new ways, which is why our Teen Accounts include the youth savings account options from above, plus access to:

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