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Three Self-Service Options That Make Banking Easier

Lisett Comai-Legrand

Lisett Comai-Legrand About The Author

Nov 29, 2018 5:41:00 AM

Pros and Cons of Online Banking | First Alliance Credit Union

Technology has certainly made our lives easier. We can do practically anything on our phones these days. Amazon has revolutionized the way we shop, Alexa can shut the garage door and turn off the lights, and there is pretty much an “app for that.” We’re so used to using technology, that I think sometimes we forget how much technology has changed how we bank.

With the holidays fast approaching, we all have a million and one things to do, and going to a branch is certainly not high on the list. At First Alliance, our branches get crazy busy during the holidays, and for those of you who just want to get in and get out and get other things done, I want to remind you of the three awesome self service options available to you:

Online and Mobile Banking

The advent of online banking revolutionized how you can manage your finances, from making transfers to checking our balances, can all be completed in the comfort of your own home. Your loan payments can be made online, you can originate wire transfers, pay bills or other people, even check your credit score. You can also apply for loans and open additional accounts from within online banking.

Mobile banking makes managing your accounts even easier still. Your able to check balances, deposit checks, pay bills, and transfer money from your phone, which let's be honest goes everywhere with you. It's an easy way to keep tabs on your account.

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Mobile Check Deposit

There is nothing worse than getting a check and having to run to a branch to deposit it, especially if there is a line. With mobile deposit, you can take a picture of your check, choose the account you’d like it to be deposited to, click send and the deposit will automatically get to your account. Best of all, mobile deposit is free.


We have five ATM’s in Rochester, and two in Byron. All of our ATM’s accept deposits and the ones at our branches are accessible 24/7. You can deposit checks and cash, and use your debit card to withdraw the funds. You can also do transfers from your accounts at an ATM. Plus, we do not charge fees for ATM withdrawals!

First Alliance is also part of the MoneyPass ATM Network. Money Pass locations are all over the country, and our area, most notably, at any Kwik Trip gas station.

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We get it adding one more app to your phone or adding one more login to remember can seem like a lot to ask. However, our goal is always to make your life easier. Which is why we’ve got really helpful videos on our website to help you get started.

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