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    What is Palm ID at First Alliance CU?

    First Alliance Credit Union

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    Nov 17, 2020 6:30:00 AM

    We are excited to introduce Palm ID, a revolutionary and secure way to access your money all day, every day. Palm ID uses biometric palm scanning technology to connect you to your First Alliance Credit Union accounts on our Advisor Supported Kiosks. It's faster than using your debit card, plus there are no additional security questions you need to answer once your transaction is initiated!

    Palm ID Lets You Use More Kiosk Features

     Palm ID being used

    Enrolling in Palm ID unlocks self-service Kiosk features that you normally can't access if you only log in with your debit card, at least not without assistance from a Kiosk Advisor. These features include: 

    • Expanded account access - you'll be able to see and access all the First Alliance accounts connected to your SSN, including those you are a  joint owner on, even after hours.
    • Pay Loans - making a payment on your First Alliance loans will no longer require assistance from a Kiosk Advisor.
    • Extended account details - you be able to access additional details about your accounts to get a better look at your financial picture.

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    Palm ID is Secure and Safe

    Vascular readings are unique to each person and do not change throughout a person's lifetime. Even identical twins do not have the same vein patterns. The scanners are so sophisticated they can even detect blood flow to ensure scanned patterns are current and not forgery attempts.

    Palm ID being used

    Our palm scanners use infrared, which is a very safe form of invisible light used in contactless thermometers, smart phone facial recognition cameras, as well as your TV remote. So even though it can read the vein patterns under your skin, it isn't using any dangerous forms of radiation like  x-rays. Since you never have to touch your hand to the sensor, Palm ID is also very hygienic. You simply line up your hand, and the sensor will scan your palm from a distance of about 2 inches.

    Additionally, all Palm ID data is encrypted and stored on a secure sever. Unlike a fingerprint authentication, we aren't storing an actual image of your palm or vein structure. It is simply an association of different reference points of the vein structure under your skin. This data is encrypted and virtually meaningless outside of the Palm ID system.

    Palm ID is Accurate

    Palm ID rapidly scans over 5 million points in the palm vein pattern to quickly authenticate an account holder.  Unlike fingerprint scanners things like dirt, moisture, even scrapes and cuts will not affect the reading.

    The false acceptance rate of Palm ID is far less than even face, voice, fingerprint, or iris forms of biometric authentication. Unlike fingerprints and other forms of identification, the palm vein pattern is virtually impossible to leverage for identity theft or other fraud activity. 

    Palm ID is Convenient

    As a First Alliance member you can access your accounts at any of our Advisor Supported Kiosks without a debit card or other identification. A palm scan is completed in less than 5 seconds. If members wish to speak with an Advisor, they can do so right away without needing to present additional identification. Plus, with our publicly located and drive-up Kiosks you can now access your First Alliance accounts afterhours, without the assistance of a Kiosk Advisor.

    Enroll in Palm ID at First Alliance Credit Union

    With one scan of your palm, you can securely access all of your accounts and unlock new self service features.  Visit a First Alliance Credit Union branch with Advisor Supported Kiosks to enroll in Palm ID today. 

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