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    10 Awesome Websites to Help You Save Money on Everyday Stuff

    Jenna Taubel

    Jenna Taubel About The Author

    Jan 16, 2018 8:47:00 AM

    Saving money on the things you use every day is one of the best ways you can stay on track with your budget. However, sometimes doing that is easier said than done. To help you save money on everyday stuff I have put together this list of the best money saving websites out there, everything from groceries to utilities and more.

    Websites to Help You Save Money on Everyday Items


    Save Money on Cooking: Super Cook

    Super Cook is a great website that helps you find recipes to make with the ingredients you already have in your cupboard.  When I randomly selected 27 ingredients, it generated over 400 recipes. This tool is a great way to help you save money because you are avoiding having to go out to eat and it uses up ingredients that might otherwise go unused. Plus, it a great way to add some variety to your weekly meal planning!

    Save Money on Groceries: Coupons.com

    coupons dot com-317202-edited.jpg

    You don’t have to become an extreme couponer to use this site. Coupons.com offers manufacturers coupons for everyday grocery and household items so you can use them at any store. Once you have your grocery list ready, just do a quick search through the coupons to see if you can use any of them. It’s a quick and easy way to save some serious cash on your next grocery bill. The day I checked it out they had over $500 in coupons available. They also have an app that can link to store rewards programs for even more savings. 

    Save Money on Clothing: Thred Up


    If you love to wear name brand clothes but hate the name brand pricing, then Thred Up is the website for you. This site sells high quality second hand clothing. You can even shop for your kid’s clothes on Thred Up! Plus, you can sell your old wears too. This site is an excellent way to look stylish without paying top dollar. Who doesn’t love that idea?!

    Save Money on Utilities: All Connect  

    all connect-762082-edited.jpg

    All Connect compares all your options for your utilities based on your address.  They compare your cable, internet, phone, electricity, and natural gas options all in one place.  It even lets you know if the pricing is part of a bundled package or standalone costs. Whether you have lived at your address for years or are moving to a new area this is a great resource to help you pay the lowest prices on your utilities.

    Save Money on Gas: Gas Buddy

    This great site (also an app) tells you were to get the cheapest gas closest to you! It is updated frequently by other users so you always have the most current pricing. Plus, it has tools to help you calculate the total cost in gas for your road trip. 

    Save Money on Photos: Free Prints

    free prints-116390-edited.jpg

    Okay, this website is awesome. You are able to have your pictures from on your phone or computer printed for free! You received up to 85 4x6 prints a year for free, all you pay is a small shipping charge. The pictures you receive are good quality and are shipped to you fairly quickly after you place an order. As an added bonus, I don’t have to pull all my photos off my phone to get print, I can just use the app, which is a great time saver! 

    Save Money on Vacations: Airbnb

    air bnb-338873-edited.jpg

    Airbnb allows everyday people to rent out their homes to travelers for way cheaper than booking a hotel room. Using Airbnb you could save hundreds of dollars in lodging costs; you can often rent an entire house for less than the price of a hotel room. This site is definitely one to look into for your next vacation. Plus, if you’re needing to make a little extra cash, you can rent out your home while you’re away. Save money and make money at the same time!

    Save Money on Cell Phones: Gazelle

    This site sells certified pre-owned cell phones for significantly less than the cost to buy a new one. They will also buy your old phone, even if it’s damaged. This is an excellent option for upgrading your phone without the expensive price tag; most phones are half of the original price. Trade in your old phone and upgrade to a newer one all in one place, that's a great way to save money.

    Save Money on Prescriptions: Good Rx

    Prices for your prescriptions can vary greatly between pharmacies, this site (also an app) helps you find the most affordable pharmacy near you to have your prescriptions filled. The can compare every FDA approved prescription drug between more than 70,000 pharmacies across the US, so even when you’re traveling you can still find an affordable pharmacy if needed.

    Save Money on Furniture: Facebook Marketplace

    fb marketplace-627645-edited.jpg

    If you are in need of a new couch or table but have a small budget, check out the new Marketplace feature or the local Buy and Sell pages on Facebook, there are tons of them. It’s like a giant online garage sale, there are always people looking to sell what is normally expensive furniture at extremely cheap prices. You can also buy all kinds of other items on these sites too, such as appliances, toys, home décor, really everything. As an added bonus, you can sell your own stuff on there too. 

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