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Accessing Your eStatements On a Mobile Device

First Alliance Credit Union

First Alliance Credit Union About The Author

Mar 13, 2023 4:58:22 PM

Being able to access your eStatements easily is important, but having access to a desktop or laptop computer may not always be possible. This is why we've ensured that our online banking site is mobile friendly. That's right, you can login to your online banking site from any device that has an internet browser to access your First Alliance Credit Union statements. 

How to Access Your First Alliance Credit Union eStatements from Your Phone

accessing your eStatements on a mobile device woman holding cell phone

Follow the steps below to access your First Alliance Credit Union eStatements from your mobile phone or tablet. 

Step 1: Go to our homepage on your phone or tablet

Step 2: Login to your account the same as you would from a desktop or laptop computer

estatements - how to download-01

Step 3: Select one your accounts from your accounts list

Step 4: Select "Online Statement",  depending on the size of your screen you may have to scroll down slightly to see this option

estatements - how to download-02

Step 5: Click continue on the screen that pops up

Step 6: Select the menu icon  in the upper left corner 

Step 7: Click the arrow icon to the right of the word "Statements" 

Step 8: Navigate the Year and Month of the statement you're looking for using the arrow icons on the right of the menu options

Step 9: Click on the double arrow icon and select "print" if you have access to a printer or "download" your eStatement to your device, you can then email or upload them as PDFs. 

estatements - how to download-03If you still need assistance accessing your eStatements, please do not hesitate to call our team at 507-288-0330. We can print or email your eStatements to you for a small processing fee. 

We're here to help. Request account support today!

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